Carmen Electra Sex Video

Carmen Electra Sex Video
Carmen Electra (real name Tara Leigh Patrick) is an American glamour model, actress, television personality, singer, dancer and sex symbol. She gained fame for her appearances in Playboy magazine, on the MTV game show Singled Out, on the TV series Baywatch, for her appearances dancing with the Pussycat Dolls.

She also recorded two solo albums and had roles in the films The Mating Habits of the Earthbound Human, Cheaper by the Dozen 2, Scary Movie, Date Movie, Epic Movie, National Lampoon's Pledge This!, I Want Candy, Meet the Spartans, and Disaster Movie.

In November 2009 Carmen Electra sex video with unknown girl and guy leaked to the internet.

It`s just the beginning of the video

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Anna Nicole Smith leaned back on the plush red velvet bedspread, her back arching and her ample chest rising invitingly. The position caused her already vast breasts to jut out even further from her chest, the mountainous peaks were topped with hard, erect nipples that glistened slightly in the dim light of the bedroom.

"Damn you got some big titties baby," said the dark haired man at the foot of the bed. He stood over her gazing down hungrily at the big melons on her chest and licking his lips.

"Why don't you come and take a closer look Georgie?" Anna purred enticingly.

The man called George didn't need any more encouragement. He moved forward onto the bed, his hands shaking as he reached up and laid them softly on Anna's huge breasts. The mighty orbs more than filling his hands and he could even feel the hard jut of her nipples on the center of his palms. He gently stroked over the massive mammeries, traced the underside of her heavy boobs with his palms and then circled round to tickle her nipples with his fingertips. George then became slightly bolder in his handling of her tits and began to squeeze and knead them, a soft moan escaping his dry lips.

"Oh George!" gasped the voluptuous blonde theatrically, arching further and pushing her breasts harder into his hands as he pinched and twisted her nipples, "I want to feel your mouth!"

"Oh fuck!" moaned George, "I can't believe this is actually happening to me," with that he leaned over her and licked the hard nipple on her right breast. He then sucked the stiff bud into his mouth and sucked hungrily, his free hand rising to maul and fondle her left tit.

"That's right suck them hard Georgie!"

"Mmphff.." gargled George as he bit down gently on the nipple then buried his face in her deep cleavage pressing the sides of her breasts together into his cheeks.

Anna held him hard against her bosom and closed her eyes, enjoying the sensations of his tongue and mouth moving all over her tits. While pressing her breasts into his face he shook his head from side to side rubbing his face all over her breasts as if he was a starving man having a feast after going for days without food.

Suddenly George straightened and let out a strangled gasp. His hands rose up and he clutched at his throat his face turning red as if he was not getting any air. With a final grunt and a quick glance down at Anna's bare breasts before he went he keeled over and died.

The naked blonde rolled the man's body off hers and checked his pulse.

"Well, looks like Gadgets tit poison worked," she said to herself, wiping the bedsheet over her breasts in case there were any traces remaining, of course George had been very thorough so that was unlikely, "It took a while to kick in though though."

With that Anna squeezed herself and her big breasts back into her slinky, black cocktail dress and slipped out of the bedroom, merging unnoticed back into the party going on downstairs, mission accomplished.

Chapter One

"Ladies and gentlemen," said the tuxedo wearing man at the front of the large dining room, speaking into a microphone as he addressed a room fill of equally well dressed men and women, "I present to you all the President of the United States!"

At the announcement Bill Clinton smiled, waved and then made his way to the front of the room to talk to the assembled audience.

"Thank you all for coming," he said smiling down at the assembled super rich who's who of big business that was gathered in the room. The President's eye also got caught on the deep, expansive cleavage of Carmen Electra who had come along as the date of the president of Columbia Records.

Bill Clinton cleared his throat and continued, trying his best to ignore the significant distraction offered by Carmen Electra's tits, "The reason we have all come together this evening is to..."

His speech was suddenly interrupted by a loud bang. The doors to the large room burst open in a shower of splinters and about twenty armed men ran into the room. The attackers moved quickly, obviously well trained. There were a handful of quick shots of resistance let off as secret service agents tried to stop the intrusion and protect the President, but these were quickly silenced with the help of a pair of turncoat agents that took out their own men. The room was filled with panic but the fight was over as quickly and suddenly as it started, the screams of the crowd immediately silenced as the attackers rapidly and brutally took control of the room.

"Everybody remain calm and nothing will happen to you tonight," said a deep voice. The captives turned to see a tall man in a white lab coat enter the room. He had bushy gray hair, a bald head and an ugly face, "My name is Professor Nasty and I am your terrorist for the evening."


Across the other side of town Anna Nicole Smith sat herself down in the office of her boss - The Chief.

"What's the situation Chief?" she asked sitting back and taking a sip of water. Anna was wearing tight white jeans and a pink shirt. The shirt was knotted in the middle exposing her flat, tanned stomach and also opening to display some of her ample cleavage.

"Well Anna unfortunately we have another job for you straight away," said the Chief, he was a good looking, distinguished man of about fifty years of age. He spoke with a well schooled English accent that Anna always loved.

"Well done on that assassination by the way," said the Chief, continuing, "A situation has arisen I am afraid, one that we need your special skills and training to deal with Anna. You're my best agent and for this one I need to send my best."

"What's happened?" asked Anna earnestly, as she spoke she leaned forward with interest, the movement affording the Chief an excellent view down the front of her shirt.

The Chief pulled out the plans and schematics of the brand new high rise office/conference center that had been recently constructed on Wall Street.

"As you may be aware the President was in a meeting in the new Nagasoto building with a number of business heads and VIPS from around the country," he explained.

Anna nodded and leant back in her chair, the Chief was a little disappointed to lose his lovely view but continued anyway, "Less than fifteen minutes ago we received demands from a terrorist group who has taken the building - and the President hostage."

"Shit!" swore Anna, "Do we know who's involved?"

"We suspect it is the work of your old nemesis, Professor Nasty."

"Fuck!" growled Anna remembering her previous run-in with the Professor. It had been Professor Nasty that had caused her original nice C-cup breasts to grow into the massive F-cup breasts that now filled her bra. He had done this just so he could tit fuck her, Anna still remembered the pearl necklace he had given her when he exploded between her newly enlarged hooters. When Anna had finally escaped his clutches and got back to base she had asked the Chief and his top scientist Gadget to reverse the serum. They had spent a couple of hours closely examining her newly grown breasts and then decided it was impossible. The Chief also decided that Anna could use her latest asset as a secret weapon and had changed her codename to 'Hooters'.

"Your mission Miss Smith is to infiltrate the skyscraper and save the President. The chopper is waiting Agent Hooters, but before you go I want you to stop by the lab in case Gadget has anything for you."


Back in the conference room hostages were being shoved into some of the many offices on the floor below and locked up.

"Move it!" roared a huge mountain of a man who appeared to be the leader of the soldiers. His body was almost seven feet tall and was a mass of muscles. His head was completely shaven and he had a black bushy beard. His arms bulged against his t-shirt and they were thick with corded muscle. He had no neck due to his huge trapezius muscles and the other men referred to his as 'Bear'.

"Hurry up!" he growled at the president of Columbia Records who was being shoved into the office behind Bear, then Bear noticed the woman following the record executive and grabbed her upper arm, pulling her out of the line of hostages.

"Who are you?" he asked, staring at her face and squinting his eyes.

"C-c-carmen," stammered the beautiful Carmen Electra in reply.

"Ahh," said the big man smiling, "Baywatch!"

Carmen nodded then gasped in fear as Bear reached out and grabbed one of her breasts, squeezing it through her blue dress.

"Bear likes!" he grunted shoving his gun into its shoulder holster and moving towards Carmen, both hands outstretched and reaching for her large breasts. Carmen stumbled backwards in fright trying to escape his groping hands but she was stopped when the back of her thighs bumped into a desk behind her.

The Bear yanked down the front of her dress, causing her expansive tits to pop free and jiggle enticingly. Bear grabbed a breast in each hand and began to squeeze and maul them eagerly, his hands very rough on Carmens soft flesh. As his hands fisted over her tits, opening and closing as he squeezed and shaped them, he rubbed the growing bulge of his crotch against her bare thigh which poked from the slit of her gown.

"Yum yum time!" bellowed Bear spinning her around and pressing her forward so that she was bent over the table. A couple of guards and hostages stopped to watch as Bear pulled up the back of her dress and tore off her black lace panties with one mighty yank. Bear then reached into his own trousers and pulled out his thick ten inch cock, positioning it at the moist entrance to Carmens cunt.

With a loud bear-like grunt he grabbed her hips and rammed up into her, his thick penis sliding deep into her cunt on the first stroke causing Carmen to cry out in surprise. Bear held her hips for the first few strokes, ramming into her hard and fast, an odd half smile, half grimace on his face as he pounded vigorously against her cunt, all ten inches sliding home with each thrust. Bear reached underneath her and took hold of her heavy swinging breasts, mauling them as he fucked her.

"What the hell is going on here?!" demanded the angry voice of Professor Nasty. He had come downstairs to check on the locking up of the hostages after making sure the President was secured upstairs at what had become their base of operations.

Bear stopped pumping Carmen Electra for a moment. His hands released her breasts and moved to her hips as he straightened up but his dick remained buried to the hilt in her pussy.

"Bear almost finished," said the big man sheepishly.

"Fuck it!" swore Professor Nasty, "I can't leave you alone for five minutes..." he paused as he looked at the girl on the end of Bears dick, "Are you Carmen Electra?"

Carmen nodded, a slight look of discomfort on her face.

The professor shrugged, "Well I guess it's not everyday you get to fuck Carmen Electra. Hurry up and finish then get up here once all the hostages are locked up."

As the professor turned and left Bear started humping Carmen again, harder and faster than before as he felt his balls begin to tighten and his cum start to churn.

His hands suddenly started to beat his chest and he started to roar like a grizzly bear, his hips twitching as he filled Carmen with sperm. When he finally finished cumming after pumping a huge load into Carmen he collapsed downwards onto the table on top of Carmen. It was a full five minutes before he withdrew from inside her and rolled off.

Carmen stood up gasping for breath as his heavy weight was finally off her. She pulled the hem of her dress back down her legs and pushed her big boobs back into her gown.

"You're quite a fuck big boy," she said to Bear just before one of the soldiers shoved her back into an office and locked the door.

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